Bake Off Week 1 - Cake Week

First things first - I have an admission to make. If you've read my blog before, you'll know that I LOVE baking, however (and forgive me), what you may not know is that I've never seen the Great British Bake Off until this week. 

Yes, I've heard about baked-alaska-gate and I have a vague idea who Mary Berry is, but until Thursday, I had never actually seen an episode (much to the surprise of my colleagues and my boyfriend who is apparently a long time fan!)

When I did sit down to watch it, I of course became hooked and declared that we would host our own bake off every week and try and re-create one of the challenges in the show. Just without the stakes, and competition element.

This week, we attempted the first challenge and made our own Madeira cake!

We used the recipe from BBC Good Food and in-keeping with Bake Off, added lemon icing to mix it up a bit.

The big question: would we get the crack?

Out of all the ingredients, I'd say the ground almonds would be hardest to source, but even those are fairly common in the baking aisle now!

Grated zest of one lemon...not too sure about this bit!

All mixed together and smoothed into the loaf tin.

We got the crack!

The finished product! (icing mishap included...)

Overall, I'm very pleased with this! It was super easy to make and has turned out to be really tasty :)

Next week - biscuit week!

Do you watch Bake Off? Have you ever made Madeira cake?