Weekend at the Eden Project, Cornwall

I first went to the Eden Project with school when I was about 11 years old and fell in love. With it being in Cornwall, and me being caught up with uni and various things, I hadn't been back in about a decade, until the boy booked a weekend away for my 22nd birthday in July. It's safe to say I fell in love with it all over again. (Also, he'd never been so I got all excited talking about it before we'd even got there.)

The project is in the bottom of an old quarry, so on approach you can't actually see anything - it's only after you step through the visitors centre at the top (which is home to a rather lovely coffee shop) that you are hit by the scale of it.

In essence, the Eden Project is two great big bubbles (biomes), each housing a different climate. I've made it sound rather simple but in reality it is so so much more. I couldn't do the idea or science behind it justice, so I'm not going to try. 

I first went soon after it opened, and I'm happy to say that so much has changed in a decade that the visit felt like a whole new adventure. The winding path on the way down to the biomes is now full of beautiful Cornish climate flowers, and they're introduced loads of street food stalls, as well as a stage for concerts.

We went into the rainforest biome on the left first, and it was perhaps even more hot and humid than I remember. There seems to have been a few additions to the biome itself, including various bamboo huts, an ice room to cool down and a view platform (no pictures of this as it was really high up and I spent most of my time clinging to James trying not to look down between the mesh...)

The other biome is a Mediterranean biome, which is slightly easier to breathe in - it's more of a dry heat and recreates the environment in Spain, Greece etc. The most notable addition to this was a restaurant in the middle of the biome which we chose for lunch (couldn't resist really!). It was like being on holiday in Spain - really really lovely.

We spent some more time exploring the outside sections of the project and then wandered up to the gift shop which sold basically everything I ever wanted so I left with lots of tea, candles and beauty products. We have annul passes so hopefully we'll go back soon!

We finished the day with a walk along the nearby Carlyon Bay which was beautiful - we were basically the only ones there!

Have you ever been to the Eden Project? Where do visit in Cornwall?