25 before 25

I turned 22 on Wednesday - how scary is that? I honestly feel like the last few years have been blink-and-you'll-miss-them. I've done so much in them, that if you told me when I was 13 some of the things I've gotten up to, I'd have thought you were crazy.

Aside from listening to a lot of Taylor Swift, in the last few days I've been pondering what else it is I want to do. A few years ago I made a list of 100 things to do in 1001 days, and I knocked off most of them, apart from the wide-scale travel. I'm in a much better position to do all of it now - I've got a pretty awesome job (which I travel for anyway) and a travel buddy that I'm pretty smitten with so have finally got around to organizing some of the things I've dreamt of for years.

I'll be updating my (very neglected) blog with some of my adventures over the past few months that were on the previous list, but for now, here's what I intend to do (and can make happen myself) before July 15th 2018. 

1) Go to Iceland and see the Northern Lights.  DONE! October 2015
(Okay, this is cheating as I'm actually going in October - I can't wait!) 

2) Visit Scotland

3) Go back to Cardiff (I miss this city so much!)

4) Go to Disney World

5) Go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

6) Visit Venice DONE! May 2016

7)  Explore Rome DONE! May 2016

8) Go to New York Done! Jan 2016

9) Go to New Zealand

10) Go to Australia

11) Pass all my ACA exams (14 down, 1 to go!)

12) Get my second set of ear piercings

13) Go to a German Christmas market

14) Go paint balling Done! Feb 2016

15) Kick the coffee habit (counting this if I keep it up for more than a few months) DONE! Autumn 2015

16) Make a successful rainbow surprise cake

17) Make successful macarons

18) Get a small tattoo

19) Drop two dress sizes (to take me to a UK 8)

20) Cook/host Christmas dinner

21) Melt marshmallows on a campfire  DONE! June 2016

22) Read 50 new books - 39/50 (October 16)
(I know this isn't many, but I don't have enough time in my life!) - 

23) Restart my jewellery hobby/Etsy shop Done! Jan 2016

24) Run a half marathon DONE! October 2016

25) Go Zorbing.

26) Get a sausage dog.

(I asked aforementioned partner what I've said I wanted to do that was achievable before 25 and he let this one slip which suggests he's not entirely against the idea...I'll work on this one.)

This list by no means covers it, but at least having it here gives me something to ramble about, right?