Life lately...February 2015

So my idea of keeping up to date on my blog didn't really work - January was exhausting in every way, and I just didn't have the time.

I've learnt quite a lot in January, some good, some not so good. 
  • I enjoy my job immensely, but our 'busy season' actually is genuinely busy. I've spent three weeks so far in hotels in cities miles away from home, working 14+ hour days and eating out every night. I never thought I'd miss my own bed and cooking, but after a while it really takes it out of you. (However, it has been really good as I've got some really fun colleagues - pretty much just 3 weeks of school trips in really nice hotels if you ignore the work part).

  • I've learnt that my friends are actually pretty amazing - some I've known for a few months, and some I've known for more than decade - I've spent so much time catching up with everyone this month that I've barely had time to sit down with a cup of tea and watch TV. I was very much wrapped up in my own little world for the last five years and coming out the other side of that it's nice to know that I've got people I can just drop in on for cup of tea last minute, text at 10.30 and be in a club for 11 and enlist to paint my flat on a whim on a Saturday. Apparently there's a whole series of Broadchurch that I've missed though whilst I've been busy.

  • Sometimes some bombshells hit that put everything into perspective. I went for coffee with a very good friend of mine on Saturday expecting a bitch and catch up, only for her to tell me she had been diagnosed with something serious. I honestly didn't know how to react and just sort of froze hugging my mug. She's the most hard working, positive, spiritual and just generally amazing person I know and it's devastating she has to deal with this now but the way she is handling it is pretty inspiring - very much living for now, and in that vein we now have a European city break in the works which I cannot wait for. 

  • I do not know how to date, or act around people I like or anything about boys in general really. I unexpectedly found myself on my first ever date and it was the most awkward thing ever, as was the second one as I then didn't know how to get out of it. I have a heavily male group of friends, so obviously they find the entire thing hilarious when I recount my woes and judging from this month, I should not trust their advice, or let them anywhere near my phone again. A month into single-dom and I'm fairly certain I should resign myself to getting a cat. (But not really, I don't like cats.) 

February is already shaping up to be pretty exciting - I'm actually in my office and on local clients the entire month so I'll be able to sort out my flat in the evenings (apparently painting is a lot more effort and a lot messier than I thought), I'll have time to bake, explore the city, and I've got a few things lined up for the weekends including a day trip to Bath and a pizza making and Mario Kart party. I'm quite excited, not going to lie.