Brighton with Hillarys Blinds and Make Do and Trend

So you guys may know how much I like making stuff, and you may know how stressful my new job is and how little free time I have, so it'll be no surprise to hear that when an email popped into my inbox inviting me to a crafting event on my one free Saturday, I jumped at the chance!

8am Saturday morning, wearing something other than a suit for once (my brand new fluffy coat!), I jumped on a train and made my way to Brighton! I've never been to Brighton, and the little I did see of it before the event made me 100% sure that I will be going back after the Christmas shopping madness has subsided - it all seems so exciting and interesting!

The craft event was run by Hillarys Blinds and Make Do and Trend to show all of us the cute ways we can use Hillarys new fabrics to make some Christmas decorations - they've written about the day on their website here.

I'm actually in the process of redecorating my flat and I've found loads of inspiration over on the Hillarys website as well as from the lovely decor at Taj's Tea Parlour. I'll put another post with my mood boards up soon!

This is the pretty purple floral fabric we used to make 'No Sew' bunting - very shabby-chic esque with the rope!

How pretty is the cafe? There were so many of us, we completely filled it!

Tada! This bauble took me an absolute age to make.

I had a lovely day and will be heading back to Brighton as soon as I can!

Have you ever been? What sort of styles do you like for your rooms?