Outfit of the day - Galaxy Converse

Fun fact: This is a scheduled post as today, July 15th 2014 is my 21st birthday AND my university graduation. I am now officially Helen Louise,  BSc, legal adult everywhere. Pow. [That is assuming everything went as planned - this is scheduled like I said, so everything might have gone horribly wrong. I'll guess we'll find out if I pop back up on the internet in a few days time...]

This is yet another Helen and Nina trip, this time on my last day in Cardiff. We went to the really cool garages we found and tracked down this one.

Galaxy Converse: Schuh
Satchel: Ollie & Nic
Top: Primark
Necklace: New Look
Jeans: H&M
Sunglasses: Primark


I got this beautiful satchel from Ollie & Nic, a bag shop in Cardiff which I have been eyeing up since my first day. Unfortunately, the store was closing down during my last few weeks there. This did however mean I snapped up this satchel for silly money as everything was reduced. It has a beautiful lining which I wish I could show you, and lots of useful hidden pockets - just what I want in a bag!

This top is super comfy - it's one of the Primark 'My V Neck' range - they seem to be a lot comfier than their other t-shirts! I only have this colour and can't justify expanding my range just yet.

I actually got this necklace in the Christmas sales and only jut got round to wearing it!

This is quite a casual outfit for me, but I think it works :)

Aren't these shoes amazing? What are your staple items to just throw on for a comfy day?