That time I was on Doctor Who...

I can finally talk about it! I had to sign a secrecy thing but now it has aired :)

So, I occasionally mention that I'm also a TV extra whilst at uni in Cardiff as a lot is filmed here.

You may recall I had to whizz back to Cardiff a month earlier than planned as something came up. I couldn't talk about it at the time, but now I can. I was filming the Doctor Who Christmas Special - yaaaay!

I'm an absolute geek so it was so much fun, despite it all being night shoots and me not getting any sleep for a week (literally, I felt like I was dying.)

Anyway, I got to do a few explosions and stuff and it was just a really fun week but really sad as well as it was Matt Smith's last episode and everyone seemed a bit upset. The cast and crew were all really nice and it was a bit werd going straight back to uni after filming and not being able to talk about it!

So, you'll have to watch the episode on iPlayer if you didn't catch it - unfortunately the main shots of me and the main cast are blurry so I've helpfully arrowed the screenshots ;)

It was a bit harder than usual spotting myself as usually I can go by my bright orange hair, but the hair and make up team put my hair up in a tight plaited coil.

This was my explosion scene, I got super nervous as it was rigged by all the special effects people and all the crew had face masks on to protect them from the debris, but obviously I couldn't have one! Diving out of the way was nerve wracking as they could only really do one take and they had to set all the canons up!

A rather blurry me and a rather old Matt Smith.

Distraught whilst watching a regeneration...

Aaaaaand finally, Jenna Coleman. She really gets into characted on set, it was quite interesting to watch!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas! A post about mine is coming up soon, I just wanted to put this one up first ;)

Anything exciting happening in your world?