5 Happy Things #5

Here are 5 more of the little things in life that have made me smile recently...see the previous ones here!

1) Fresh flowers, specifically gerbera daisies - how beautiful are these ones from Waitrose? I really need to crack on and think about the flowers to have at the wedding...

2) I had my brows threaded and eyelashes tinted ahead of my holiday, and now I feel like I can take on the world without make up! Who wants to faff about with those clear bags at airport security?!

3) This beautiful mustard tote bag from Accessorize. It's perked up all my outfits and is the best bag I've ever owned - I love the pop of colour!

4) I've themed my Instagram to reflect my adventures and I love it! You can follow me here - I'm trying to link each picture to the last with similar colours - expect lots of blue skies and seas from my travels!

5) I also had a pedicure, and got matching shellac on my fingers and toes ahead of my holiday (Plum Paisley if you're wondering)...it was a very expensive couple of hours, but who doesn't love a pamper? Plus my brows, lashes and nails are now sorted for the next two weeks!

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I like shopping. I like stationery. I like things in boxes.

When Aussie stationery shop Typo came to the UK, I had a bit of a panic on the first day and ordered everything in sight. I now have a new favourite shop, and an ever increasing credit card bill. 

Honestly, it's amazing. You will fall in love.

I thought I'd show you everything I got because
a) It's all pretty cute and no-one should be derived of cute things
b) if other people buy stuff, Typo will do well and stay in the UK, and I can buy more stuff
c) I'm nosey and like posts like this...

Everything was super cheap! Here is what I got...

Allllll the black and rose gold stuff. I think the make up bags were £6 and the notebook was £3.50...(as though I need a another notebook...just you wait!)

These birthday cards! I think they were 3 for £6. I ALWAYS keep a stash of birthday cards just in case, and these are such a high quality! I went for some with foil detail but there were plenty of others.

More notebooks! I think these were 3 for £8 or something! They've got so many designs, and a super useful stuff pocket on the inside...

How cute was this? Because I was SO keen with my order, they lovely folks gave me a free notebook, and my postage was upgraded to next day delivery :D

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